Altaussee Austria Wedding

We could easily say; for us moments are everything, they give the meaning and feel how it was! And the most important they are unique nonrepeatable series of events. Oh boy! This wedding was full of them. Everything started last year when we received a beautiful letter from Michelle and Alex, saying “we are a couple coming from NYC, and we will marry at Altausee Austria.” Michelle finds us on Instagram and immediately fall in love with our work. True connection! So there we are driving towards Altaussee Austria Wedding, to capture two days of Michelle and Alex wedding. Michelle wish was to do a portrait session a day before. So we decided to choose Hallstatt. Old Austrian style of the city, with a lake in the middle and huge mountains around, which give a beautiful backdrop to create our frames.

Altaussee Austria Wedding Photographer

The day after started with preparations at the local hotel of Altaussee Austria and continued with a ceremony at an old church in the middle of the city. Where guest expect a bride escorted by her father, who gently held her dress. Meaningful moment! Afterward, the celebration moved to a venue across the lake. The couple arrives standing on a boat, in the middle of raindrops which fall from dark clouds. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, creating a nonrepeatable moment. Moments, which followed long into the night.

Allow us, to thank you sincerely, Michelle & Alex, for inviting us to your fantastic Altaussee Austria Wedding, we had a beautiful time! We wish you both all the best for the future!

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