Berlin wedding photographer

You would never think, that Berlin is such a special and bold city. But even the first email from Olesya and Sofian made it smell of uniqueness. We listened to the plans of the two artists; dancers with great interest and soon we jointly worked towards creating a new choreography.

First set-up: We warm up on the early morning’ streets of Berlin wedding photographer

We happily observed, how they effortlessly and energetically discovered new locations for our photography. In the rhythms of Grease we spun between the colourful U-Bahn. And chased the frames between the pillars of artificial light. Extended into the sky by towering skyscrapers all enclosed on the city streets in the early morning. Running by the river, dancing on the bridge. Rubies playing under historical arches and sharp shapes of the history of a nation. Sharp metals on the blue sky and »Time to dance« on a rough wall – amazing warm up!

Second set-up: Putting on the dance shoes

»Blue« was chosen by the groom. And the bride daringly pointed out a fairytale-like and natural cuteness and grace covered by a veil and holding a basket of flowers.

The blue followed them into the magnificence of the church and awoke respect. But didn’t take from the honest and real connection of the guests to the couple. You could feel, how the bride’s vow, with it’s warmth and relaxed feel, touched every single chair in the room. It touched everyone. Dressed up ladies, gentlemen with a mustache, a puppy under the bench or little girls sitting on the stone floor. Handshakes and hugs on the paddy soil then slowly escalated the dance step.

Berlin wedding photographer

Third set-up: Seduce me

The perfect (re)turn was reached by a city bus, which took the rambunctious group around the city streets while pulling a rattling set of cans behind it. We pushed through the crowd in a vehicle, that was too full, and caught some glimpses of the joy. After the drive, the lead was taken over by waiters. Later we also got surprised by a slow dance of raindrops, which made us change our movement into a leap.

Final set-up: Dance with me

PanAm Lounge opened the heavens for us and the pilot staff of 10th floor offered much more than just a refreshing drink. Panorama, a happy crowd, dance surprises and happiness in the eyes of the bride and groom become one of the many frames that we captured in the last part of our digital choreography.

After a few hours, we waved goodbye to the beautiful city, Berlin and started picturing the album of Olesya and Sofian with the great memories of their spectacle.

You give the rhythm to my senses.
The beat to my moves.
And a never ending melody to my ears.
Your hands lead my way,
to a fairytale story and show me
a perfect turn back to you all over again.
You with me,
is the only true dance of perfection.