Crikvenica wedding photographer

Crikvenica Wedding Photographer - Wedding at Hotel Omorika

Crikvenica wedding photographer - Wedding at Hotel Omorika

We were happy to accept an invitation to Croatia. We can say, that Elena and Goran, are a couple, that knew exactly what they wanted. They perfectly planned every moment of their magical day – which really impressed us. On that day, Crikvenica offered its perfect mix. Sea and love, shared by Elena and Goran, and the pleasant warmth of the day. The day was truly magical, even though the wind and the sky chilled the air and threatened to bring along a storm.

At the time of preparation, we were greeted by intense rain drops. Even due to the disturbance, we were optimistic. We captured the moments of the bride and groom, getting ready for the day. Meanwhile, the plucking gang soothed the atmosphere revolving in-between the puddles and rich tables. The groom arranged the time and took an advantage of it to woo the wife under the balcony. She offered him the luxury of sweet expectation and put on the veil with the girls. A vintage car drove them to the stairway in front of the »altar.« They spoke out the fateful »I do« effortlessly, with a smile on their faces. Blue flower petals worked hand in hand with the wind and covered the ground under the archway of the building.

Crikvenica wedding photographer

The walk along the sea shore represented a perfect opportunity for Crikvenica wedding photographer. The amazing light, that comes after the rain, offered a magnificent atmosphere! The cold storm clouds almost united with the sea! The sea, the shore and the perfect couple could thus create luxurious masterpieces in every single shot. During the time we had a great company of seagulls and the wind breeze. Meanwhile, the shore offered stairway architecture of narrow streets and picturesque palm tree roads spreading between the street lamps.

The merry, fun part of their day was greeted in color. With an array of crystal white, blue and red, that sped up the rhythm of the dance floor. It is always a pleasure to capture the countless relaxed faces.
The tact was created by a popular musician and a friend of the couple. Without too much effort he kept the atmosphere going all until the morning. The husband and wife shared the pleasures of life with our camera lens. They offered countless reasons for yet another click of the shutter.

For all those reasons we were happy to return back to Slovenia. With great pleasure, we started designing the album of Elena and Goran. It offered a preview of their joint life journey. Even in the beginning it already defied the storms and captured the perfection of their day with great determination.

Berlin wedding

Berlin Wedding Photographer - Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Wedding

Berlin wedding photographer

You would never think, that Berlin is such a special and bold city. But even the first email from Olesya and Sofian made it smell of uniqueness. We listened to the plans of the two artists; dancers with great interest and soon we jointly worked towards creating a new choreography.

First set-up: We warm up on the early morning' streets of Berlin wedding photographer

We happily observed, how they effortlessly and energetically discovered new locations for our photography. In the rhythms of Grease we spun between the colourful U-Bahn. And chased the frames between the pillars of artificial light. Extended into the sky by towering skyscrapers all enclosed on the city streets in the early morning. Running by the river, dancing on the bridge. Rubies playing under historical arches and sharp shapes of the history of a nation. Sharp metals on the blue sky and »Time to dance« on a rough wall – amazing warm up!

Second set-up: Putting on the dance shoes

»Blue« was chosen by the groom. And the bride daringly pointed out a fairytale-like and natural cuteness and grace covered by a veil and holding a basket of flowers.

The blue followed them into the magnificence of the church and awoke respect. But didn't take from the honest and real connection of the guests to the couple. You could feel, how the bride's vow, with it's warmth and relaxed feel, touched every single chair in the room. It touched everyone. Dressed up ladies, gentlemen with a mustache, a puppy under the bench or little girls sitting on the stone floor. Handshakes and hugs on the paddy soil then slowly escalated the dance step.

Berlin wedding photographer

Third set-up: Seduce me

The perfect (re)turn was reached by a city bus, which took the rambunctious group around the city streets while pulling a rattling set of cans behind it. We pushed through the crowd in a vehicle, that was too full, and caught some glimpses of the joy. After the drive, the lead was taken over by waiters. Later we also got surprised by a slow dance of raindrops, which made us change our movement into a leap.

Final set-up: Dance with me

PanAm Lounge opened the heavens for us and the pilot staff of 10th floor offered much more than just a refreshing drink. Panorama, a happy crowd, dance surprises and happiness in the eyes of the bride and groom become one of the many frames that we captured in the last part of our digital choreography.

After a few hours, we waved goodbye to the beautiful city, Berlin and started picturing the album of Olesya and Sofian with the great memories of their spectacle.

You give the rhythm to my senses.
The beat to my moves.
And a never ending melody to my ears.
Your hands lead my way,
to a fairytale story and show me
a perfect turn back to you all over again.
You with me,
is the only true dance of perfection.


graz wedding photographer

Graz Wedding Photographer - Aiola im Schloss - Austria

Graz Wedding Photographer

We’re once again photographing a wedding in Aiola im Schloss. Just a day before we attended a wedding in Slovenia at venue Brdo. Slept for only nearly two hours and here we are, heading towards new challenges. This time accompanied by Nina and Maximilian, who found us through wedding photography taken at the same spot, a year before, that delighted them. With confidence, they gave us their wishes and dreams for us to make a reality. Which wedding photographer anywhere, not only in Graz, could turn that down?

The summer is slowly waving us goodbye and the fall started to offer the warmth of its colours. Thus our lens helped us catch a thread of warm brown colours, with a cute palette of events, meetings and hugs from that day. Even before the arrival of the white bride to the scene. We played with the raw squares, cold beams and the crudeness of the brick walls and twinned them with high ceilings and arches. That give just enough space to the light. The minimalism of the smiling bride only enhances the contrast and romance.

We accompanied the future Mrs. on the streets of Graz, where shadows and reflections meet, and a nearby hotel offered the time for socialising with the bridal party. On this occasion, eagerly awaited the magnificence of the ceremony in the church, that doesn’t take away the warmth of colours due to its spaciousness and play of light through the colorfully stained glass and inspires mystique to the fatal and wishful “I do!”. Icing on the cake surely happens right after this event in the garden, between arches covered by semi-darkness.

Graz Wedding Photographer


The celebration then continued in Aiola and Schloss, Graz. We were surprised by a fantastic dark and square ambiance. That is broken down by hanging lights and warm, passionate shades of red. Dim lighting helps us create a pleasant atmosphere. In the end and finally, this diversity and contrast are fostered by bride and groom. Who shine into the hearts of their guests with their warmth and kindness. And don’t escape the sharp eye of a Graz wedding photographer. Fantastically different with a thick thread of warmth! All of that is a proof, that even two sleepless nights in a row and hard-worked hours don’t prevent you from creating awesome story. With eye constantly on the lookout to see moments before happened.