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Penzion Repnik Wedding Photography | Nastja & Matic

When we were asked to capture Penzion Repnik wedding photography in Kamnik, Slovenia by Nastja and Matic, we were over the moon. Not only would we get to shoot a stunning wedding of a beautiful couple at the renowned Penzion Repnik. This popular Slovenian wedding venue has won recognition from all over the world. But we would also get to photograph a wedding full of moments and story in the beautiful city of Kamnik. What more could we ask for?

Set of 67 wedding photos in documentary style

Here is a small mixed set of Nastja & Matic wedding photos, which we captured during the wedding day at Penzion Repnik. We are not typical wedding photographers as we aim to capture an unposed story, leave you and your guest to enjoy the day. If you are looking to have us capture your wedding story at Penzion Repnik or any other venue or location, then please get in touch to see if we are available on your day.

Penzion Repnik a desirable wedding venue for a divine wedding in Kamnik, Slovenia

It became clear why Penzion Repnik is one of the best wedding venues in Slovenia. Here’s a quick rundown of why a wedding at Penzion Repnik is the perfect choice for a divine wedding in Slovenia. Nestled amongst the Kamnik Alps, Kamnik in northern Slovenia is a gorgeous medieval city with wonderful architecture, great culture, lots of history and magnificent views of the surrounding Alps.

With the resplendent alpine Kamniska Bistrica River running through the center of this charming Slovenian town, Kamnik is a magnificent location for a wedding in Slovenia. Dating back to the 11th century, this charming destination boasts memorable settings in every direction. Whether it is the chocolate box-pretty cobbled streets lined with charming pastel-colored buildings, the gushing, crystal-clear waters of the Kamniska Bistrica river or the 28 peaks of the Kamnik Alps, covered in bewitching forests and lush grasslands, the magic of this place is unmistakable.

Then, of course, there is the unforgettable Kamniska Bistrica Valley, filled with refreshing springs, waterfalls, awesome gorges and mystical woodlands. Whether you choose to hike, ride, walk or horse ride, you will want to see it all. As one of Slovenia’s oldest towns, Kamnik has plenty of things to do and see. Famed for its architecture, Kamnik boasts Baroque, Moorish and gothic influenced craftsmanship on every corner. From frescoes to columns, gilding and sculptures, there is endless evidence of this city’s rich cultural heritage on display. Stroll along Sutna, Kamnik’s picturesque main street sprinkled with exquisite medieval architecture and pastel-colored buildings. Spot the eighteenth century Gothic Church of the Immaculate Conception, then ascend the steps of Mali Grad to drink in the spectacular views from the aptly-named Balcony of Kamnik.

Great surroundings for your wedding

Whilst you are up there, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a look around the sumptuous 15th century Romanesque Chapel, with its extraordinary frescoes and stone sculptures. Down below, the Franciscan Monastery boasts 10,000 manuscripts and Slovenia’s original translation of the Bible which dates back to 1584. Next door is the Church of St. James where the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre, designed by Joze Plechnik, will be one of the many must-sees on your list of things to do.

Drop by Kamnik’s Intermunicipal Museum housed in one of the city’s two castles, discover all there is to know about Kamnik’s long past, that dates all the way back to prehistoric history. For horticultural delights, head over to the Arboretum, a feast of 200 acres of over 3500 species of plants, including a staggering 1000 different types of roses. Inside these outstanding grounds, you will also find trails, water features, and a playground.

After all of that excitement, you may decide that you would like nothing more than to escape from it all at Terme Snovik Thermal Baths, an eco-spa with rejuvenating indoor and outdoor facilities, to leave you feeling revitalized and ready for more. Alternatively, enjoy a round of golf on the unforgettable 18-hole Arboretum Golf Course, with its phenomenal views and top quality service.

With Llubljana only twenty minutes drive away, as well as plenty of access to buses and trains, Kamnik is also conveniently located for the airport or adventures in Llubjana too. Not to mention the opportunity to ski and sled, if you visit in the right season. With all of this and more on offer, it is no surprise that Kamnik is a top pick for a wedding in Slovenia. With sought-after Penzion Repnik for your dream wedding venue, you have all of the ingredients for the wedding of your dreams.

The venue for an outdoor wedding photography

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in Slovenia, then Penzion Repnik is the one for you. With outstanding grounds and fantastic wedding facilities, it is easy to see why Penzion Repnik is Kamnik’s most desirable wedding venue. As both a wedding venue and destination hotel with rave reviews, Penzion Repnik ticks every box. Situated close to the heart of Kamnik, Penzion Repnik has been rated as one of Kamnik’s best restaurants, hotels and wedding venues, so you know that you are going to get an all-round top experience at this wedding location. Penzion beautiful grounds and the Alps beyond, provide the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding.

There are acres of lush green grass, sprinkled with fragrant blooms and beautifully manicured trees, as well as a delightful pond and lots of other exquisite features. With the option to hold the ceremony under the splendid, ornate Bandstand or out on the lawn, there are plenty of ways to personalize your outdoor ceremony space with stylish props, to make it an occasion to remember. Adding an extra touch of magic, there is also an elegant horse and carriage for a grand entrance or exit, topped off with a ride around town. For the children, there are sweet farm animals and ponies to enjoy, as well as playground equipment to keep the little ones entertained.

Before the dinner and dancing, there is time for your guests to drink in the views, whilst they sip drinks on the terrace or stroll through the sumptuous grounds. This may be a time for the venue’s musicians to enhance proceedings with atmospheric live music. Dinner and dancing take place in Penzion Reznik’s distinguished Grand Hall. This impressive, bright space has a beautiful high ceiling with exposed beams and plenty of light. Its spacious round shape provides plenty of room for up to 100 seated guests. Penzion Reznik’s award-winning restaurant prides itself on serving up Slovenian greats with a contemporary twist.

Penzion Repnik a Slovenian wedding venue

Your mouth-watering menu will include locally sourced seasonal ingredients and wines. When dinner is over, Penzion has all of the facilities that you need for a fantastic celebration, from live music to fireworks, on-site parking and a huge dancefloor, there is everything you need here to kick things off with a bang.

There will be no need to rush as the time flies by because Penzion’s nine plush rooms provide plenty of space for guests that would like to spend the night. Each room is uniquely decorated in a contemporary style, that also celebrates its Slovenian heritage and the abundance of raw materials in the local area. Expect fab alpine decor, light spaces and from many, striking views of the grounds and alps that surround. With over twenty years of providing top quality weddings, the experienced team is well equipped to deliver your wedding in Slovenia, exactly as you wish. An unforgettable day, in a spectacular location.

Wedding planner: Petra Starbek – Storija | Wedding dress: Sanjska Obleka | Wedding Venue: Penzion Repnik

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Slovenia Wedding Photography - Wedding in Volcji potok

Slovenia wedding photography - Wedding in Volcji potok Slovenija

This time, Volčji potok witnessed a beautiful ceremony in the open air. During it we were able to enjoy our time surrounded by its greenery and beautiful blooming.

We were catching the tact from the preparations all to the sunset, but the melody was perfect for us, so we quickly caught out rhythm.

Lucija and Samo are great individuals, who work with music professionally. They decided to host their ceremony in a discreet, retro touch, which definitely opened the doors for us widely. We were able to discover countless moments, movements, smiles, touches and a play of colors that, captured in our lenses, became written in the music notes of their big day. It all happened in a big open space, which was surrounded by greenery and strewn with colorful flower petals. The surroundings emphasized the harmony of the event even more.

In the beginning we spun around the most sympathetic orchestra of girls and boys. They were radiating good mood while putting on their festive outfits…

…later we caught the harmony of the ceremony, the duo of newlyweds, shadows of the sun, reflections and fragrant surroundings. In all of that we were accompanied by the sounds of classical music. The gentle atmosphere was playfully disturbed by a solo act – the dog of the groom and bride.

Cute, furry and very liked!!!

Slovenia wedding photography - "Just Do It"

The third part was the intermezzo; only for the couple. We had an amazing view from the top of the Crystal Palace in the city center of Ljubljana. That part can only be made possible with the signatures of people being there at their own risk!!! But the fortune was once again for the brave, which was proven by the unique panorama from the top of the Crystal Palace in Ljubljana. The view got even better with looking at the brides’ skirt in the embrace of a retro tie with a spectacular sunset. It was a square composition of rural in the contrast with the gentle veils.

And the last part? We finished the day in a similar way that it first begun. It happened in the merry company of the wedding band. They created a great atmosphere together and offered many funny and/or emotional camera shots.

When the music stopped, we could still hear the echo of a mix of jazz and classical music. We eagerly awaited the time, when we can look at the full opus on our beloved digital music books.

Opus, of which every part was written especially for the clarinet and violin of Lucija and Samo.

Wedding photographer in Slovenia - Wedding Kodarinov mlin 1

Wedding photographer in Slovenia - Wedding Kodarinov mlin

Wedding Kodarinov mlin

“Dear Aleks & Irena, we looked at the photos, once, twice… And yet we discover something new every time we look at them! We can really feel all the magic moments we have experienced and even those which were hidden to our eyes. Pure magic! Thank you very much from the bottom of our heart!”

The incredible feedback of the bride. Explained that, we nailed it! Being on the right frequency with the couple, having free hands to express our vision is something we are passionate about. This is the reason why we love our work so much!

Wedding Kodarinov mlin

We often hear how working on the same location over and over again could be hard, but for us that’s never been something to struggle with. We already have wedding at Kodarinov mlin where we created lots of beautiful wedding stories in the past. But our constant challenge is to create always a different story, we force ourselves to find frames hidden to the bride and groom, to create frames which were never been done before, to find stories between guests and create complete wedding stories at the same time.

We love couples which give us the freedom to do it on our own way and create special stories with unforgettable images. And this was the case of the Wedding at Kodarinov mlin as you can see it below.. I’m sure you’ll find it pretty ace..!