Graz Wedding Photographer

We’re once again photographing a wedding in Aiola im Schloss. Just a day before we attended a wedding in Slovenia at venue Brdo. Slept for only nearly two hours and here we are, heading towards new challenges. This time accompanied by Nina and Maximilian, who found us through wedding photography was taken at the same spot, a year before, that delighted them. With confidence, they gave us their wishes and dreams for us to make a reality. Which wedding photographer anywhere, not only in Graz, could turn that down?

The summer is slowly waving us goodbye and the fall started to offer the warmth of its colors. Thus our lens helped us catch a thread of warm brown colors, with a cute palette of events, meetings, and hugs from that day. Even before the arrival of the white bride to the scene. We played with the raw squares, cold beams and the crudeness of the brick walls and twinned them with high ceilings and arches. That gives just enough space to the light. The minimalism of the smiling bride only enhances contrast and romance.

We accompanied the future Mrs. on the streets of Graz, where shadows and reflections meet, and a nearby hotel offered the time for socializing with the bridal party. On this occasion, eagerly awaited the magnificence of the ceremony in the church, that doesn’t take away the warmth of colors due to its spaciousness and play of light through the colorfully stained glass and inspires mystique to the fatal and wishful “I do!”. The icing on the cake surely happens right after this event in the garden, between arches covered by semi-darkness.

Graz Wedding Photographer


The celebration then continued in Aiola and Schloss, Graz. We were surprised by a fantastic dark and square ambiance. That is broken down by hanging lights and warm, passionate shades of red. Dim lighting helps us create a pleasant atmosphere. In the end and finally, this diversity and contrast are fostered by the bride and groom. Who shine into the hearts of their guests with their warmth and kindness. And don’t escape the sharp eye of a Graz wedding photographer. Fantastically different with a thick thread of warmth! All of that is proof, that even two sleepless nights in a row and hard-worked hours don’t prevent you from creating an awesome story. With eye constantly on the lookout to see moments before happened.