Slovenia wedding photography – Wedding in Volcji potok Slovenija

This time, Volčji potok witnessed a beautiful ceremony in the open air. During it we were able to enjoy our time surrounded by its greenery and beautiful blooming.

We were catching the tact from the preparations all to the sunset, but the melody was perfect for us, so we quickly caught out rhythm.

Lucija and Samo are great individuals, who work with music professionally. They decided to host their ceremony in a discreet, retro touch, which definitely opened the doors for us widely. We were able to discover countless moments, movements, smiles, touches and a play of colors that, captured in our lenses, became written in the music notes of their big day. It all happened in a big open space, which was surrounded by greenery and strewn with colorful flower petals. The surroundings emphasized the harmony of the event even more.

In the beginning we spun around the most sympathetic orchestra of girls and boys. They were radiating good mood while putting on their festive outfits…

…later we caught the harmony of the ceremony, the duo of newlyweds, shadows of the sun, reflections and fragrant surroundings. In all of that we were accompanied by the sounds of classical music. The gentle atmosphere was playfully disturbed by a solo act – the dog of the groom and bride.

Cute, furry and very liked!!!

Slovenia wedding photography – “Just Do It”

The third part was the intermezzo; only for the couple. We had an amazing view from the top of the Crystal Palace in the city center of Ljubljana. That part can only be made possible with the signatures of people being there at their own risk!!! But the fortune was once again for the brave, which was proven by the unique panorama from the top of the Crystal Palace in Ljubljana. The view got even better with looking at the brides’ skirt in the embrace of a retro tie with a spectacular sunset. It was a square composition of rural in the contrast with the gentle veils.

And the last part? We finished the day in a similar way that it first begun. It happened in the merry company of the wedding band. They created a great atmosphere together and offered many funny and/or emotional camera shots.

When the music stopped, we could still hear the echo of a mix of jazz and classical music. We eagerly awaited the time, when we can look at the full opus on our beloved digital music books.

Opus, of which every part was written especially for the clarinet and violin of Lucija and Samo.