Best wedding photography collection 2016

The 2016 will be the year we will remember for all the great locations we visited all around Slovenia and Europe. We’ve spent plenty of time cruising with our car trough France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. Traveled at least 30.000+ km in one year with car. We’ve also made roughly around 2 million steps. Changed few pairs of shoes and drank some beer and champagne – all in the name of art!

Our lenses filled up memory cards, with more than 300.000 portraits, smiles and happiness. We were tirelessly downloading them in order to make great photo books. Deliver them to our clients and spread happiness all over again. Best wedding photography collection 2016

Best wedding photography collection 2016

Meantime, we built up a new website, won few prestigious awards for our work, shared our knowledge on workshops and last but not least, making new friendships.

Soon the new season will start and there are some fantastic multi day weddings on locations touching really faraway places we can’t wait to see. This is why we are working hard, this is why we love what we do. We can’t wait to start!

Thank you to all of the amazing people for 2016, you are the reason to made our 2016 one of the best yet.

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