Simply best wedding photography

How to choose the right words for 2014, typing, retyping. Why on earth is it so difficult to describe an unforgettable year like 2014? Maybe the problem is that I’m not a good writer. Like my all time favorite author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She taught me so much in the past few years with her vision Danger Of Single Story. And how to express myself better through the lens. To find proper moments and translate them into composition that tells the story. To viewers, not only through one frame or one composition. But so that the Danger of single stories have meaning. That’s my story in simply best wedding photography 2014. 

2014 was a year that I’m not sure. I’ll ever be able to fully comprehend. but will surely never forget.

It was the year in which everything changed for us. We can now say. That we photographed a wedding in every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday.

It was the first time that we did more than 30 weddings in one year, exactly 33. Don’t ask me how many images we took, the numbers will shock you, believe me!

I was second shooting weddings with very good friends, 4 times in 4 amazing weddings. In 2015 I will shoot some more as the second shooter with friends around the globe.

I received a few awards in the WPJA Contest. And became a member of some amazing groups around the world.

This year for the first time we shot a wedding on a different continent. But this wasn’t a regular wedding. It was a wedding shot by a very  well known wedding photographer from the UK – can you feel the pressure?

It happened in September in an African country called Morocco. The wedding took place in the old part of town medina named Marrakech. And man what a journey that was.

Simply best wedding photography

We also did our first same sex wedding! It was an outstanding event. Full of love and amazing people. In the near future we will do more of that. We are sorry but the grooms didn’t allow us to post their pictures on the blog. But if you look very close, maybe you can find something below in Simply best wedding photography 2014.

I have said it a thousand times and I will say it a thousand times more. Thanks to each and everyone of you who made the 2014 journey happen! You are the reason for all the travelling we are going to do in 2015. New amazing people and awesome locations are waiting. For us to tell the story of their Fabulous day!

In the end I would like to personally thanks. My awesome wife Irena, my soulmate, my assistant, my everything! Thank you my darling for being a part of my journey. And for helping me follow my path. Without you, this journey wouldn’t be the same!

Last but not least, a very big thank you goes to my two beautiful daughters who let us to do what we LOVE to do!

Capturing the people in LOVE, Danger Of SINGLE story!